Frequently Asked Laser Engraving Questions

Can I add my logo?

Yes! That’s the point, after all. .eps or .jpeg files can be used. To “Cut” we need an .eps file. Files can be emailed to us at: files(at symbol) (this is an email. I used “at symbol” to avoid the spam bots)

How long does it take to make the box?

Timing can depend upon the complexity of your design, artwork setup, and how long you take to approve the artwork. Once art is approved, it takes approximately one week production and one week shipping time (total of two weeks). Please allow ample time to avoid rush charges.

How is the box shipped?

All boxes are shipped through FedX Ground for convenience and traceability. Shipping time varies upon location (approx. 5-7 days). Please allow ample time for production to avoid rush charges.

How is the box constructed?

We use top quality quarter inch Baltic Birch laminated wood (w/exterior adhesives) for strength, durability, and beauty. We first glue then “pin” each panel with quarter inch pin staples for extra strength. All wood is unfinished and maintains a rustic “old world” look and feel.

What is your return policy?

Since we create only custom boxes we take great care to create just what you want. We ask that you review the art “proof” file very carefully. Once this art is approved the box is created and you will be charged. We will make every effort to make you happy. We want you to love us for life! Please understand the nature of creating custom work. We only have so much control. Treat the proof process very carefully.

What types of electronic files can you use?

.eps and .jpg files are used in the production of our boxes. We can convert Corel files, but prefer .eps and .jpg. .eps files can both cut and engrave. .psd or .jpg files can only engrave (no cutting). Contact us with questions to be sure.

How does the laser work?

Energy is concentrated into a single intense beam. Using either .eps or .jpg files we convert art into one of two colors either black (or grayscale) and red. The black (or grayscale) colors are are used to engraved and the red is used to cut. We then determine the power, speed, and pulses per inch (PPI) of the laser for best results on any given material.

Does the wood have a finish on it?

No. We leave our boxes unfinished and natural to maintain the “old world” look and feel. Birch is a quality light weight wood and it is laminated for strength with marine grade laminate. Once lasered, the wood turns slightly darker. Once you receive your box you can choose your favorite finish if you like. You can choose to add paint or varnish.

Is there a size limitation?

Yes. The laser cutting table is 24″ x 18.” Our box designs are created to utilize all this space. We use quarter inch Baltic Birch laminate wood with marine grade laminate. Baltic Birch engraves well and is very strong. Our wine boxes fit standard wine bottles 13″ by 2.75″. If you need something different, ask!

What type of light is in the light box?

We offer an LED “puck” style light for convenience. LED’s use a fraction of the energy of a standard light fixture. The light is self-contained and turns off in 30 min. for your convenience.

Does the light box come with a lid?

Yes. Our boxes are Wine Gift Boxes first and Light Boxes second. It is the gift that keeps giving. Leave the lid off a bit more light and a fun pattern on the ceiling or put it on for a lower, softer lighting.

Does the LED light get hot?

LED’s put off a fraction of the heat a typical light does. The units we use are self contained “puck” style lighting. The LED light is sold separately. If you would like to get your own, Home Depot has an assortment. The boxes are designed so that you simply put the LED light in the bottom of the box. A whole is cut in the back allowing you to turn the LED light on or off easily.

Does the LED light come with the box?

It is your choice at ordering time. If you specify you want a light along with your light box, we sell the two together. If you prefer, you can purchase your own at most hardware stores. Make sure to get the “puck” style LED light that contains batteries and can be turned on with one touch. The size should be no greater than 3″ in circumference.