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3D Gift Boxes

3D Gift Boxes that Make A Lasting Impression.

Give a gift that is VERY unique, creative, and will make a great impression. Our wine gift boxes are more like customized 3D artwork. You can customize each box to your recipient. We love to stretch the limits. We see our boxes as 3D canvases. We love to cut an image around the corner, or combine engraving and cutting in a way that is unique and draws the eye.

Your friends will almost forget their is wine in the box. They will be checking out the outside and marveling at your creativity. If you are not feeling especially creative don’t worry. Our staff has over 30 years experience in graphic design and can help take your ideas to the next level.

Yes, you can go to a major wine store and get a wine “bag” or box of some type, but the whole idea of our 3D gift boxes is in the customization. Keep in mind, the possibilities go far beyond just putting a name or wedding date on a box. That is history. Combining today’s technology and creativity is where the real 3D gift comes in.

Do you have a recent college grad? or know someone who received a promotion? Or want a promotion?! There are a million and one reasons to design a 3D gift box, but the results are always the same. Amazement. Smiles. And appreciation. They will remember you for some time to come.

Our 3D gift boxes are made from imported Baltic Birch laminated wood (marine grade laminate), with finger joints and brass pins in each corner for extra strength. You can choose a vertical style box or horizontal. Tip: 3D designs that wrap around box corners work better on the vertical style box.

Why we are different from other wine box makers:

  1. We see our boxes as a blank 3D canvas. Not just separate sides to put a name or date.
  2. We give you over 30 years experience in graphic design. That means the images will be adapted for the greatest impact. We understand how an image translates to this medium. Our staff will work with you to help insure you get results.
  3. We use the highest quality materials and assembly processes available. Each box is hand assembled with care for the greatest quality. “Made in America.”
  4. Not every image works well on a box. We have tons of experience cutting and hand assembling tons of boxes. We will share this experience with you.
  5. We love a challenge. The more creative the better. In fact, this is how our ideas of giving our boxes dual purposes came about. We have wine boxes that are also LED lights or Bird Houses. WOW. That also helps keep the gift around longer and your friends will remember you even longer. So, bring your ideas.
  6. Want a box for another reason? Let us know. We are a custom shop. We do not mass produce. Customization is the whole idea. Check out our sister site at LaserCreatives.com for even more laser cut ideas

Stretch the limits and give custom gifts from now on. Think about this. What if you gave one of our 3D gift boxes every year with a slightly different theme? Your friends would look forward to seeing what you come up with. What if you gave a 3D gift box each month?

The impact would be enormous. I know a REALTOR friend that gives a Christmas ornament of a door made from craft material. Clients look forward to what style door it will be each year. Think of the impact one of our 3D gift boxes would make on a regular basis. Now that is advertising power! Your business will get noticed.

You can design your box with a 3D cut image and only put your logo on the bottom of the box to be more subtle or you can make your logo very prominent. Your choice. Our LED 3D gift boxes have a back side that is perfect for a logo.

We would love to speak with you about the possibilities. Drop us an email and we can arrange a phone call. Let’s Talk.

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3D gift boxes make a fantastic and positive impact!

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