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Custom Lasered Gifts

Custom Lasered Gifts Make Lasting Impressions

What type of impression are you looking to make? Are you giving a hostess gift, celebrating a special occasion? A wedding perhaps?

I’m sure you want your gift to stand out for all the right reasons. A personalized wine gift box can express your creativity and feelings. What better way to express this than giving a gift that you put thought and care into its creation.

That’s the fun of the lasered personalization. Each piece is created individually. So, each piece can be unique. For instance, when selecting gifts for your wedding party each and every one can be unique and according to their tastes and personality.

On top of that, these gifts tend to be kept for a long time to come. Sure you select a great wine to go in your wine box when first given. But, your beautifully crafted wine gift box will steal the day… and the year.

Images can be engraved or cut into the box. Have a favorite quote, a special image, or a school logo? Engrave it for them and they will always remember you for it.

We live in a very commercialized world. Mass production is so prevalent. Turn the tables and give a gift that is not only unique and one of a kind, but a gift that speaks to your gift recipient like no other gift can.

Let your imagination run wild. Think of the box as a canvas with 6 sides. We love wrapping the design around the box for an even greater impact. Let each side stand on its own and yet be part of the whole box design. They will love it. Watch as they continue to turn the box around in amazement.

If you own a business you can create your very own style box. Then change a component or two for each gift recipient while maintaining your businesses brand on the box. You can change the box graphic each year. Your clients will look forward to the next years box designs.

We are also creating box styles that have secondary uses! This means they serve as a gift box for your wine, but also have another purpose. Talk about going green. We are adding two great styles to our line up. One is a Bird House wine gift box and the other is an LED light wine gift box. The Bird House box has holes in the lid, hanging holes in the back, and a spacer for the middle of the box to create two separate compartments.

The LED light wine box has decorative art (your design) on the sides so when an LED light is turned on from the bottom light spills out creating a wonderful cozy atmosphere. Your gift recipients can sip their new wine by the light of their wine gift box that is a light. And, don’t forget your image and/or graphics can be on the sides or simply the bottom to remind them where this great gift came from.

Not feeling particularly creative? Our experienced graphic designers have over 35 years in the business. so, if you are feeling a little uncreative let us help you. Provide us with some background on your gift recipient and let us come up with a design.

Our process is easy. Send us your idea. We create a proof. You approve the proof. We bill you. The box is created and shipped.

From the time we get your approved proof to your door should be approx. two weeks. One week to create it and one week for FedEx Ground shipping. Please allow plenty of time if trying to make a special occasion in order to avoid rush charges. We use FedEx Ground for your convenience and traceability.

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