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Customized Gift Giving

By March 8, 2013Gift Ideas

Customizing Your Gift

An engraved wine box is all about the customization of the gift. Sure you want to show up at the door with a great wine choice paired with what you know the receiver would like. BUT… Imagine now you show up with not a paper gift wrap, but a fully customized work of art?

Your gift recipient will instantly be impressed and know you put some thought and extra effort into you gift. It has their favorite (insert what you like here… Cause, sport, accomplishment, person, subject?) right on the box handsomely engraved with laser precision.

All you need to do is tall us what you want on the box and we will create a proof for your approval. We’ve even helped out by giving you a starting place in case you get stumped by having several designs already made up – Just waiting for your final touch.

Give us approx. a week to create plus FedX Ground shipping time and you will have your work of art in your hands. You can spend the time while you wait selecting just the right wine to go inside.


Oh, by the way, we make all kinds of other boxes too. It is not limited to just wine boxes. If you have something special in mind, drop us a note and we will work with you.

Don’t forget, if you want to bump this up several notches we also engrave glass. We can add a couple engraved wine glasses to the gift to really make an impression.

Anyone can get a laser engraver in today’s market. The real treat is what you do with it. We have over 29 years in the graphic design and marketing industry. We’ve worked with entrepreneurs, fortune 500 companies and everything in-between. We know graphics. We can help advise you on just how to get impressive results.

Gift boxes can be given for all kinds of occasions. How about your favorite boss (that was an easy one. How about some more suggestions). Ok. How about your favorite teacher, mail carrier, graduate, son or daughters coach, volunteer (they put in a lot of free time too), mentor, friend (on just any old occasion to say you are thinking of them).

This is a gift box they will keep around for a long time and it will remind them of how thoughtful you were in its giving. Your heart felt message will come through loud and clear.

Engraved and personalized wine boxes are the perfect way to express yourself, personally.

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