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Lasering Wood

By March 6, 2013Laser

Laser Engraving Wood

Laser Engraving wood is fun and very versatile. Today’s Co2 type lasers are very cool. The interface is not easy to use and sending jobs to the laser is as simple as using a print driver.

The challenge is now what do you do with this capability? I have been in graphic design since before the personal computer. I know, I’m telling my age. I like to look at it as telling my experience. I remember the commercial Apple created to introduce the first Mac. It was a person going against the masses and throwing an sledge hammer into a screen playing in front of the masses as same old messages drones on. The screen shatters and the announcement of something new is coming is made. The same old ways are no longer.

I had a business with $100k dollar typesetting machines. I know this meant the beginning of the end for traditional typesetting.

I tell you this because there are similar things changing today. Desktop lasers is one of them. Another is desktop 3D printing. These systems are amazing and you should pay attention to them too.

But, back to Laser engraving. What has happened is that the “tool,” the laser has become simplified. However, the creativity still needs to be applied. The computer is great, but it does not replace the human experience and the human creativity. What do you do with 6 sides of a box? How do you integrate them? How do you celebrate the gift you want to give someone?

We can help if you get stumped. We look at our boxes as a six sided canvas that awaits creativity. We say “the box IS the gift.” You are not getting a box to deliver wine. You are giving a creative gift expression of yourself to your gift recipient. They will instantly understand that the box “contains” a piece of you! The wine can be shared and the bottle disposed of, but the box will remain as a reminder of your thoughtfulness.

Give your box design some thought. Get a piece of paper and draw a rectangle representing the bottom of the box. Then draw five other sides around it. This represents the box flat. This is how we see it before we send it to the laser. The art on each side can be connected in this way. The lines can carry over from one side to the other if you wish.

We can go so far beyond a name or a date on a side of a box. Let’s work together and really put a piece of you in your box. You might even want to design a box just for you!

And, by the way… you dont have to put wine in these boxes either. We can create a box of any size (limited by laser bed of 18″ x 24″). Email or call us and we can discuss any custom work.

My point here is to get you thinking… oh should I say it… OUTSIDE THE BOX! Oh… I did.. Sorry, I had too.

Have fun with it.


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Laser Engraving Wood for fun