Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique real estate closing gift for your client? One that they will be sure to remember and remember the one who gave it to them? Look no further. A custom designed wine gift box is just the gift.

Our boxes can be engraved with any image you like. Each box is engraved individually. That means you can make them as unique as your client. Find something they are interested in (their passion) and engrave a bit of that on the box. Add your logo and something about you so they always remember where it came from year after year.

Want an extra special touch? Get them one of our unique boxes that serve a second purpose. It first serves as a great and unique gift box for your favorite wine, but we also have a design that easily becomes a bird house and another that becomes a cool night light shadow caster. Simply drop in the LED puck in the bottom and turn it on. They will love it. And more importantly, they will remember you!