Themed Wood Gift Wine Boxes

Check out our list of themed boxes to that make a statement

[pl_raw][pl_tabs][pl_tabtitlesection type=”tabs”] [pl_tabtitle active=”yes” number=”1″]3D Design[/pl_tabtitle] [pl_tabtitle number=”2″]Blank Canvas[/pl_tabtitle] [pl_tabtitle number=”3″]Options[/pl_tabtitle] [/pl_tabtitlesection][pl_tabcontentsection] [pl_tabcontent active=”yes” number=”1″] Think of the box as a 3d canvas. Your image can wrap around all 6 sides if you want it to.
[/pl_tabcontent] [pl_tabcontent number=”2″] The box is your canvas. Design your gift just the way you want it. It will be uniquely yours!
[/pl_tabcontent] [pl_tabcontent number=”3″] We can CUT shapes into the box. We can ADD shapes to the outside of the box. We can create a pull lid, slide lid, or side sliding lid. There are sooooo many options.
[/pl_tabcontent] [/pl_tabcontentsection] [/pl_tabs][/pl_raw]

Angel Box


Close Up Images